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dot Welcome to Dubai Silver Recycling

Dubai Silver Recycling, is a precious metal refinery specializing in the recovery of silver from exposed or Expired film, as well as other silver bearing waste materials.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best price for their film and silver bearing scrap, and to dispose Of any resulting waste materials using environmentally safe methods.

Dubai Silver is one of the largest buyers of expired dated x-ray film and photographic waste in the global Market. For large volume customers, we will arrange for an automatic pickup schedule as often as needed.

Scrap precious metal we buy

We purchase not only all the various scrap precious metals we show in our website also many other forms of scrap precious metal not shown. 


Dubai Silver Recycling is committed to offering you the most cost effective Recycling Services for your Gold and Silver Ore, Used Fixer Solutions, Silver Coins , Silver Jewelry and other precious metal recovery services.
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