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Our Gold & Silver Recycling Services include:

leaves Chemicals disposal services

We offer chemical disposal services to studios,hostpitals,industrials ,...
we remove fixer and developer of prosess of photo images and we recover silver from these so it will be safe to disposal and safe environment ,...

fixer solution

leaves Silver Coins - Silver Flatware

We recycle scrap silver coins as well as scrap silver flatware.

silver coin

leaves CPU Recycling

We recycle stocks of scrap CPU. We are interested in both plastic scrap CPUs and ceramic scrap cpus.

scrap cpu
leaves Silver Ore - Gold Ore

We buy Silver ore and Gold orefrom all around the world.

gold ore
leaves X-ray Film Recycling

As a leader Silver Recycling company in Middle East we offer recycling services for outdated and used x-ray films.

used x-ray films

leaves Gold Jewelry - Silver Jewelry

We offer recycling services for scrap gold jewelry as well as scrap silver jewlery.

gold jewelry

leaves Other Scrap precious metal we buy

dot Other Activities

Silver Coins

If you have invest your money on silver coins for years now it's the time to sell them and get back your money.
We buy your silver coins and we pay cash for it.

silver coin


Silver Flatware

If you are tired of your old flatware and you want to change them to cash money, it's the time now!
We buy your old flatware, just call us today.

silver flatware

We provide our customers with the best price for their film and silver bearing scrap, and to dispose Of any resulting waste materials using environmentally safe methods.

Dubai Silver is one of the largest buyers of expired dated x-ray film and photographic waste in the global Market. For large volume customers, we will arrange for an automatic pickup schedule as often as needed.

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