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Photographic fixer is a chemical which is used in the photographic processing of film or paper. This photographic fixer is used in the final step of processing. The fixer stabilises the image. It removes the unexposed silver halide remained on the Photographic film or photographic paper and leaves behind the reduced metallic silver that forms the image, and makes it insensitive to further action by light. Without fixing, the remaining silver halide would quickly darken and cause fogging of the image. The most common salts which are used for fixing are sodium thiosulfate and ammonium thiosulfate.

used fixer


Fixer is used for processing all commonly used films. Fixer can be used for black and white films, Kodachrome, and chromogenic films. In chromogenic films, the remaining silver must be removed by a chemical called a bleach fix. This contains a mixture of ammonium thiosulphate and ferrous EDTA, a powerful chelating agent.

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